Balloon decorations using party balloons

A party balloon decorator is one of the most useful people to know if you"re holding a party outside the home. Party balloon decorators are party suppliers who have been trained in the art of decorating
  • Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Children's parties
  • Wedding receptions
  • and more!
  • Balloon Decorations don't just decorate function suites though: they can even decorate your wedding cake, or the setting for your children's party using balloons for balloon decorations, helium, weights and string. It's amazing to see the magic a balloon decorating professional can work with just these four items, combined with their innate sense of style and occasion.

    Good party balloon decorators know which colours to combine for the most striking results, and will work their magic, using lots of little finishing touches which have been proved to be so successful that your guests will be left wondering how on earth they did it; and bombarding you with compliments, of course!

    Searching online for a party balloon decorator

    If you're looking for a party decorator in your area, we've provided a big magic button to help you! Simply enter the words "balloon decorator" , followed by your area or postcode and you'll be furnished with a list of balloon decorators allocated on your doorstep.

    Included in the search is a colourful map with alphabetical pointers, the top listing being "A" and the number 2 listing being "B" and so on. By having a look at the map and locating the letter nearest to your location, you'll see how near the party balloon decorators listed are situated to your home. By clicking on the blue link next to the letter of your choice you will be taken to your chosen balloon decorator's web site.

    We're sure the birthday balloon decorator you select will be more than happy to hear from you, but if you don' t have the time to search through hundreds of listings, you'll be pleased to hear that we've done it for you! We have carefully searched Google for the finest balloon decorators in your area and have found the best people to make your party go with a bang!

    How to become a professional party balloon decorator

    If you like the idea of becoming a professional birthday decorator yourself, we've provided some tips of the trade below. If you'd simply like to find a party balloon decorator.

    Inflating latex party balloons

    You will need:
    • colourful party balloons that are of helium quality
    • a canister of helium gas
    • a roll of string
    • some balloon weights

    You are now ready to practice the art of birthday balloon decorating! Here are our tips:

    1. Never stretch a balloon before inflating; you will only weaken it, and will possibly change the shape of it. If you are going to be using the balloon for modelling (twisting) the chances are it will pop as soon as you start to twist the balloon.

    2. Inflating a balloon by mouth is very simple if you know to keep your cheeks in. You'll have more chance of inflating the balloon in 1 or 2 goes - the fewer breaths you use to inflate the balloon, the smoother it will look. The secret is to remember and keep your cheeks in. Balloon pumps are on the market but inflating using your mouth is much quicker and simpler.

    3. When inflating using helium, place the collar of the balloon over the nozzle of the helium canister, holding it with the thumb and index finger. Gently push the nozzle towards the ground to release the helium, and the balloon will start to inflate. Remove the collar of the balloon from the nozzle to stop the helium and seal the balloon by pressing your thumb and index finger together - you're now ready to tie the balloon.

    Balloon Weights

    Balloon weights are used to weigh helium filled latex or foil balloons down onto the floor or table. They can be bought in shops that specialise in party wear, or can be made by hand. If you'd like to make your weights by hand, you'll need to purchase an air hardening clay, which you can normally find in any child-friendly shop. Simply roll the clay out into the shape you require and push a small, colourful paper clip into the clay before it sets. This will give you a loop to tie your string to once the clay has set.

    If it's your own children's birthday party, involve your kids and let them make their own artistic shapes; once set these can then be painted using snazaroo face paints to enhance the look. You'll have great fun doing this; all kids love playing with clay and especially fooling around with water based paints. If you are purchasing pre-cut card birthday balloon weights, pour some salt into a bag and place inside the card weight as you make it up. This will weigh it down and lower the cost. If you have a lot of balloon weights to make, consider buying little nappy bags; these can be purchased in a box of a 100 for a little over a £1.00 and they're scented as a bonus.


    A disposable helium tank can be purchased for around £40.00 including delivery to any home within the UK. Each canister will fill around 45 11" latex helium quality balloons. Helium gas is also ideal for air ship blimps.

    Birthday party balloons can be used to make arches as an entrance to your party, to decorate your home, office, function suite or any other party venue. Using party balloons as your decor will help bring any party to life!

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