Party ideas involving bouncy castles at children's birthday parties

hanks to the Internet, hiring a bouncy castle for children's birthday parties just got a whole lot easier. There's no need to rifle through Yellow Pages any more - just click onto Yell and search by company name, area or category for more birthday party ideas.

Searching online for bouncy castles and children's birthday party ideas:

Your first stop on any online directory should probably be the Bouncy Castles Inflatables section. When you get to the listings, you'll find details of the more professional bouncy castle companies, complete with links to their websites, which you can use to compare prices and find out what's on offer from each company. Companies with websites make the whole process even easier as it's normally possible to choose an inflatable bouncy castle for your children's birthday party online and submit an enquiry via email for the chosen castle, slide or active playstation. Let the Kids help you - it's their special day, and if they're happy, everyone else should be happy to.

How to pick the perfect bouncy castle for your children's birthday party:

Follow these tips to make sure your child's day goes without a hitch:

* Always measure the size of the garden and select a bouncy castle that will fit into the space you have available.

* If you are having trouble measuring your garden, ask the company to send someone to do it for you. That way you'll not only ensure the perfect fit for your garden, the company representative will also be able to check for access, overhanging branches, cables etc.

* Shop around. If the company you choose isn't offering the level of service you're looking for, or don't turn up when they say they will, try someone else. Remember, this is your children's birthday party - don't let them be disappointed!

* Grass is a bouncy castles best friend, and the ideal place to situate your castle, although some hirers will accommodate you and erect the unit on a driveway if you speak to them nicely. Most hirers carry extension leads for use when connecting the fan used to inflate the bouncy castle but it's also best to check.

* Cables should be hidden around the perimeter of the garden making it safe for the children at the children's birthday party. Safety mats should always be supplied at no extra cost to you.

* Request a bouncy castle with a rain cover. You never can tell what the great British weather will do!

* Ask the hirer to erect the bouncy castle one hour before your children's birthday party starts, and to leave it up for an hour after the party ends. This way you can make sure your own children make the most of the treat before their guests take over. The extra two hours are also the perfect opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your children and get some great photos!

* Most people find that two hours is more than enough for a children's birthday party, so a four-hour hire should be sufficient for your bouncy castle.

Bouncy castles and more children's birthday party ideas

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