Face Painting ideas to become a professional face painter

Face painting is one of the most popular activities at childrens birthday parties ever and no wonder. Rain, time constraints or lack of space can spoil some of your party plans, but face painting can be done anywhere, any time, and any weather. You can turn your children into pirates, clowns, animals... the choice is endless. Sometimes even the adults will want to have a go at face painting. Lend them the snazaroo book you started with and help them along to becomming a prfofessional face painter.

Face Painting for Beginners

If you've never tried to paint faces before, you'll naturally be a little apprehensive. Don't worry they will wash off easily with soap and water, so even if you do make mistakes it won't be the end of the world. Even so, if you can find a willing face or two to practice on before the big day, so much the better - and if you're really worried, there are plenty of face painting artists out there who you can hire to make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you're trying face painting for the first time (or even if you're not, but are running out of face painting ideas for new designs), it could be a good idea to invest in a good face paints. This will give you some ideas and tips for designs which can be created in minutes - you may be surprised at how easy it can actually be!

Picking your face painting supplies.

The first thing you need to think about doing after purchasing a snazaroo face paint book, of course, is buying some face paint accessories. You'll need sponges to create base colours (and, of course, to take the paint off when you're finished with it!), brushes to paint in the fine details, and, last but not least, the paints themselves - shop for snazaroo 18ml individual colours or, if you prefer, The good news is that face paints aren't expensive - an 18ml kit can easily last through 100 different faces, or more if you're using smaller designs for just the cheeks or the eyes - so you can afford to be as creative as you like!

Choosing your face painting designs

Now for the big question: what kind of designs should you choose? Well, if you're throwing a themed party it's obviously a good idea to stick to designs which reflect your theme. If you're not, the designs you choose will depend entirely on your level of skill and confidence with the face paints, and the ages of the children you'll be working with.

Most children love the idea of a full-face design - lions are always popular, as are clowns and other designs which cover the entire face. Even if you feel confident enough to pull this kind of design off, though (and as we said, it's not always as tricky as it looks!) remember that these designs take time to complete, and not all children are capable of sitting still for the amount of time it takes to complete the job.

If everyone else is running around enjoying themselves, the child being painted can get very bored, very fast, so consider whether a simpler design may be better. For example, a pirates face can be created fairly quickly by painting on an eye-patch and moustache. Simple, but very effective!

Finally, remember that paints don't just have to be used on faces! Simple designs drawn on hands and arms can be just as much fun - sometimes even more, because the child can actually see the design.

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