Throwing a Halloween Party

Who doesn't love Halloween? It's the one night of the year when both kids and grown-ups get to dress up wearing halloween costumes, wear too-much makeup and generally let their hair down.
Halloween, of course, is a great excuse for a party, and of all the types of party you could choose, on All Hallow's Eve, you just have to go for a fancy dress party. Absolutely nothing else will make you and your guests feel part of the party, unless your wearing your favourite halloween costumes.

Blood-curdling halloween costumes

Traditionally, Halloween Parties are about ghosts and ghouls, witches or vampires and pumpkins, but really, the choice is yours. Let your guests dress up as historical characters, doctors and nurses, or why not go for a dash of mystery and throw a masked ball?

Outfit choices for Halloween really are unlimited, and the great thing about dressing up is that everyone can get into the spirit of things; if your guests are too shy to turn up dressed as a fully-fledged pirate, they can take the "subtle" option by simply throwing on a pair of Harry Potter glasses or scarf.

Gruesome Games

Once you've got your outfit organised, you'll be ready to get down to some serious game-playing. Here are some ideas to please the kids (and probably some of the adults, too!):

Pass the Pumpkin
Based on the old classic, Pass the Parcel, simply seat participants in a circle and give all but one a small pumpkin. When the music stars, the children begin passing their pumpkins around the circle. When the music ends, the person left pumpkin-less is out. Now remove another pumpkin and start again.

Mummy Maker
Always a popular one: take two groups of participants, and two rolls of toilet tissue (or more, depending on the amount of participants, and the amount of mess you want to make!) When the music starts, each group must begin wrapping their chosen "mummy". When the music ends, the group with the best mummy is the winner.

Apple Marshmallow Bob
No Halloween Party would be complete without bobbing for apples, but this game adds a fun (and messy!) Twist, as immediately after bobbing for their apple, each participant must bob for marshmallows - in a bowl of flour. (Tip: you may want to lay some kind of sheet on the floor to clean up easily after this one!)

Spooky Stories

Once you've tired out your guests with games like Mummy Maker and Pass the Pumpkin, it's time to slow the pace a little with some spooky stories. Seat your guests in a circle and either tell them some tales yourself (you can find them online beforehand) or encourage them to swap their own. "True" stories are always the most frightening - why not find out if there are any ghost stories about your town or village?

Horrific Homes

It's all very well to dress up in scary costumes, but if your party location is dull and ordinary, it's just not going to match up. Set the scene by decorating your home with

Making sure your Halloween Party runs smoothly

As with any kind of party, preparation is the key to a successful and enjoyable event. You don't want to spend your party rushing around refilling drinks and making sure your guests are enjoying themselves, so why not opt for a self-service party, with a buffet table for drinks and nibbles.

Halloween party supplies are a great way to furnish your buffet table , paper cups and plates with napkins all to match the theme, bowls and trarys with printed bats or ghosts and ghouls. Balloons, candles and ceiling decorations all printed to help make your halloween party adopt the halloween party atmosphere.

Using halloween party supplies such as letter banners or confetti to sprinkle on the buffet table will leave your guests with no alternative but to leave you with compliments on how well organised and successful your halloween party was

Once things are under way, you can sit back, relax, and have a wonderfully spooky time!

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