So, you want to be a magician?

Like most people, my introduction to the world of magic tricks came with my first magic set. As fun as that was, though, my best advice to anyone thinking about dabbling in magic tricks, is to ditch the gimmicks and the apparatus, and learn a few simple tricks that can be done without any special props. Here's why:

The typical Magic Set tends to be made up of "self-working" magic tricks: trick magic cards, boxes and other items. None of these can be examined by the audience once the trick is complete, forcing the amateur magician to hide his props as soon as each trick is complete: not a good idea when you decide to demonstrate your new skill at a party, and all of the friends, colleagues or classmates you're trying to impress want to examine your props and find out how you did it!

That's why I suggest learning some simple tricks which can be performed with everyday objects which you can borrow from your audience and then handed around afterwards for examination. Sometimes the simple magic tricks really are the best, and when your audience can examine your props (and, of course, find nothing unusual about them), it can really help add to the "magic" of the occasion.

Why simple tricks are the best

I started out with a simple magic set, but quickly graduated to vanishing coins (a trick taught to me by a family friend). At school I discovered first hand the embarrassment of being persuaded to do magic tricks I wasn't really prepared for: although it wasn't nice at the time, it's probably what shaped my magic career: I vowed there and then that I'd never be caught unprepared again.... and I never have.

If you're serious about a career as a magician, then, you need to be prepared to entertain at the drop of a hat. Always have a trick up your sleeve, and remember - the moment you do one little trick for someone, you are a magician - and there's no going back!

When you perform your first trick, for your first "audience", be prepared for word to spread about your talent for magic. That one person you showed your vanishing coin trick will tell someone else, who will in turn expect you to entertain them, too. Soon you won't be able to turn up at a party or event without being asked to perform - and it won't be long until you find yourself running out of tricks!

Magic Tricks you can do anywhere

The secret is always to have a couple of stunning effects that you can do anywhere, with everyday things like money, jewellery, pens or string. Build these into a routine, and you'll never again have to experience that sinking feeling when you perform your One and Only Trick, only to have your audience say, "That was great! Now show us another one!"

If you build up a repertoire of effects which can be done easily using items you can either borrow or at least hand out to be inspected afterwards. Coins are ideal, as are notes, balls, strings, ribbon, and the old standby, playing cards can be turned into magic cards.

For example the "Cut and Restored" rope, ribbon or string effects are not difficult to do and definitely have an astounding effect on the audience, and you can always throw the rope or ribbon out to the audience at the end of the effect.

Of course, the most important thing to remember when you're getting started in magic is to have fun. Pick up the tricks you most enjoy performing, always try to entertain your audience, and think about joining The Magic Touch Inner Circle, claim your Free Magic eBook and receive our regular magical news updates.

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